Big-Time Boxes: Tim Blackwood


Tim Blackwood
Beal's Auto Body and Paint
Prescott, Ariz.


Tim Blackwood, body technician at Beal's Auto Body and Paint in Prescott, Ariz., owns a Mac Tools' Macsimizer SuperStation.

Blackwood gives credit to his Mac distributor, Dennis Willis, for helping him pick out and set up the "fireball orange" box, which includes two side cabinets and a hutch.

"I'm a big Harley guy. I have three of them," said Blackwood. "I like the colors. A lot of people comment on the colors."

Blackwood customized a refrigerator, which turns into an optional kegerator, in the same fireball orange paint. He also set up a Yamaha/Kenwood sound system hooked up with XM radio.

"It's a really good looking box, it's built to last," said Blackwood. "I'll have it my whole life. My boys will probably get it too."

Beal's employs about 20 techs. "It's by far the largest in northern Arizona," said Blackwood. "The owner is a body man himself, has been for 30 years."

Blackwood has worked at Beal's for 2-1/2 years. "My dad was a body man, I was practically born into it, I've been in it for most of my life, so it's kind of second nature."