Top 10 Tools: Ernie Orgar Jr.

This month's Top Ten comes from ASE Master Tech Ernie Orgar Jr. in Rochester, N.Y.

1. Power Probe

Very well designed tool. Easy to get parts for and service. Almost everything you need to diagnose an electrical problem.

2. Thickster 14 mm powdered latex gloves

Very long-lasting glove that goes past your wrist. Size XX-Large is for an average man's hand. Perfect for tough suspension/chassis work.

3. Mac Pneumatic Fan Clutch Wrench Set

My most often borrowed tool set. Used with an air hammer, this tool quickly removes fan clutches from water pumps without damaging anything.

4. Snap-on 3/8"-drive Locking Flexhead Ratchet

Since they redesigned this ratchet, I haven't broken one yet! Hard to imagine I used to get by without it.

5. Mitchell On Demand

Great wiring diagrams. Shows splices, connectors, pin numbers, component locations, relay circuitry, etc. In color too! Now, if somone can tell me what Ohms law is again?

6. Five-piece torque stick extension set

Separates the professional from the shade-tree mechanic.

7. Mac PRR600 push-rod removal tool

Anybody who flat-rates lower intake gaskets on GM 3.1L and 3.4L engines needs this time-saving tool. Period.

8. Lighted remote starter switch

Light by switch button tells you if your connections are good.

9. Weatherhead 345 Double Flaring Tool

Hands-down the best double flare kit out there.

10. Mechanic's stethoscope

It's perfect for checking wheel bearings, water pumps, etc. The "doctor" is in!

For sharing his Top 10 Tools with readers, Ernie received Mayhew Tools’ six-piece Handguarded Punch and Chisel Set, No. 85005. 

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