Tool Review: E-Z Red Butterfly Sockets

Techs can use the E-Z Red EZRBSS1 and EZRBSS2 Butterfly Socket Sets with hydraulic, A/C and plumbing fittings, tie-rod ends, oxygen sensors and diesel injectors. Sockets fit both metric and SAE, and work great for damaged or worn nuts. The square drive can be used with a torque wrench or breaker bar for precise tightening.

The review

Paul Leow, owner of Paul's Auto in Wauwatosa, Wis., worked with the E-Z Red Butterfly Sockets. He found them "very easy to use" and found that there was more than enough leverage for the ratchet once the socket was wrapped around the fitting.

"It's a nice six-point there so it doesn't round things off, and it totally encapsulates the whole nut," Paul said. He said the sockets worked especially well on loosening rusted fasteners.

"A lot of tools in this business, you don't use them every day," Paul said. But for the Butterfly Sockets, when you need them you really need them and they'll save time, he said.