The value of innovation

So, why should you care if a manufacturer has won an Innovation Award from PTEN for one of their products?

Because it symbolizes a manufacturer who cares about the job you do all day, every day.

It shows a manufacturer who puts time and effort into making your work easier or faster, or both.

An Innovation Award from PTEN is not just another award; it is recognition from repair professionals of the tool manufacturer’s dedication to making positive changes in the repair bay.

Each company that receives an Innovation Award knows they’ve received recognition from the field, not a magazine staff, as these awards are voted on by an independent group of techs, shop owners and tool distributors.

The value of innovation is that it increases positives: increased efficiency, increased productivity, and generally as a result, increased wealth.

As you seek to make your shop better and more productive, you need to take note of the tools (and companies) in the September 2009 issue on that have won in the 2009 Innovation Awards.

They have your best interests in mind as they research and develop the tools you need now and in the future.

Brendan Dooley