Tool Review: OK Spark Spark Plug Sensor

The OK Spark Spark Plug Sensor uses Plasma Energy Event Recognition technology to check for the presence of an electrical arc in the spark plug. The sensor features an industrial-grade design with overmold grips and can work in any engine that uses a spark plug, including coil-over-plug ignition systems.

The review

Jim Gesell, owner of Gesell's Automotive in Oconomowoc, Wis., liked the Spark Plug Sensor for helping a tech "be in two places at once."

"It really doesn't take a lot of time, especially if you're alone and you want to know if you've got spark or not," Jim said "Instead of having to have two guys, it has a 'snapshot' feature to it, where you can just hook it right on the wire and go into the car, crank the car and you can come out and see if you have spark or not. That in itself is a big plus.

"Then it also has a real-time feature, while the car's running, you can go and touch each individual spark plug and see if it's firing or not, without having to hook up a scope and everything. It gives you a real quick, short diagnostic, and you can plan a little bit better for what you need to do.

"It's super easy to use. … I've used it several times now and it saves a lot of time," Jim said.