Tool Review: Omega Z Creeper seat

The heavy-duty Z Creeper from Omega quickly transforms from a standard 40" creeper to a versatile seat. With six full bearing 3" casters and polyurethane wheels, the Z Creeper smoothly and effortlessly moves around any shop floor. A fully padded seat and head adds comfort and security during use. Rated at 450 lbs.

The review

Dustin Poeppel, a PTEN review panelist and technician at Mark's Auto in Fort Atkinson, Wis., thought the Z Creeper rolled nice across shop floors, and especially worked well as a seat.

"It's a good little creeper, heavy duty, and it's got nice wheels to easily roll around on the cement and over whatever might be in your way," Dustin said.

As a seat, "it's great for doing brake jobs on the floor or anything," along the side of the car, he said.

"It converts easily from creeper to seat in about two seconds," Dustin said. "As a seat, it's at a good height for what you need; as a creeper, with the car up in the air a bit, you can get at what you need. It's comfortable to sit or lay on."