Our shop got too big too fast. Need tips on how to run a very busy shop.

Q: My shop got too big too quick. I am just a mechanic, and need tips or help on how to run a very busy shop.   A: Before you start deciding if you need a larger shop or more technicians to handle the existing workload you first need to make...

6. Your goal is to have every hour for each bay billed out during the hours you are open for business. Dead jobs waiting for parts, etc for more than a  couple of hours or more should be moved outside if possible and you can measure this one. The bay is for selling hours and parts and not for storage. I ran day shift and an afternoon shift and had a 15 minute overlap between the 2 shifts so the day tech can explain things to the afternnon tech who was taking over his job. I found anyone working past 11:00 pm became none efficient especially when outside parts required at these times were hard to get.

7. A lot of my customers were repetitious "fleet" customers so I also had 5 mobile service cube vans fully equipped working right in the customer's yards working two shifts also. I just added another 10 bays to my shop without moving to a bigger building. The service trucks also sent a lot of bigger jobs to the shop...great sales tool.

I hope the above information was some help for you and I am very happy to hear you are very busy during these tough times George.

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