Diagnostic help for OEM downloads on medium and heavy duty trucks.

Q: We are having a tough time finding diagnostic equipment that will be compatible with OEM downloads or data patch for our class 4-8 trucks. I would appreciate any info regarding the equipment used to troubleshoot this equipment.


A: All OEM programs offered are compatible to run from a laptop or desktop. Snap-on supplies Nexus hook-ups for Detroit engines which also works with their V-Cad hook-ups for Volvo, Cummins supplies Insight hook-ups for your Cummins engines.

I always worked directly with my truck, engine, reefer and brake supplier OEM representatives to receive my options. If reps are not available in your area, I recommend visiting the OEM websites and requesting information on what is available from them as this is always changing.

Also, inquire with the tool suppliers, such as Snap-on, as they will also supply what you need... or some of it.

Hope this helps.