Sprinter Electrical Systems

If you don't understand CAN, you CAN't get the job done

"CAN networking is one of the reasons that generic OBD2 scanners and multi-make scan tools are practically useless on Sprinters. They don't allow diagnosis of all the control units, so faults can't be easily pinpointed in a whole system, and keep in mind, all control units are on CAN."

An enhanced feature that is available on 2007 to 2010 model Sprinters is CAN Event Codes. These specifically relate to CAN network message traffic. CAN Event Codes provide very specific information relating to the CAN message, sender and anticipated recipient. "That makes troubleshooting easier because it breaks the possible causes down to a few likely suspects."


Additional information on CAN-Bus can be found in Daimler and Dodge service literature and through some aftermarket sources such as Robert Bosch publications. A complete guide to fault codes for Sprinters, plus helpful troubleshooting information, can be found in The Complete Sprinter Fault Code Guide - North American Edition, written by Ord. The format of the book, soon to be available on Amazon.com, is not diagnostic tool specific so it can be used by any technician, no matter the types of OEM and/or aftermarket scan tools.

"With the right tools and techniques, electrical issues on Sprinters can be easily overcome and problems solved efficiently," Ord concludes. "With the wrong approach, money is wasted on parts thrown into a vehicle until eventually the right thing is replaced."

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