Unintended Consequences

That's what comes from not getting involved

Again, I appeal to you to take an active role in your industry. Support one or more of the many associations that are watching out for your industry. At any one time there are literally hundreds of proposals out there that would be game-changers if enacted. No matter what industry you're in, someone in government is working to fix a perceived problem that will affect your livelihood one way or another.

The Thomas Register is a good place to view current legislation and regulations in process. Google or any of the other search engines will work well also. Keep up on what is going on by joining a good trade association or other advocacy group to make sure you have a voice.

I plan to retire in a few years and I plan to fish with my kids and grandchildren a lot.

Tim Kraus is Executive Director of the Heavy Duty Manufacturers Association. Prior to joining HDMA, he served as director of sales and marketing at Triseal Corp. The Heavy Duty Manufacturers Association (HDMA) is the heavy duty market segment association of the Motor & Equipment Manufacturers Associations (MEMA). HDMA exclusively represents the interests and serves heavy duty product manufacturers.

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