TMC Recommended Practices Enter Appeal Period

The Technology & Maintenance Council (TMC) of American Trucking Associations is proposing adoption of the following Recommended Practices.

• RP 131B (T), High-CCA Battery Applications for Commercial Vehicles. This RP offers spec’ing guidelines for selecting commercial vehicle batteries for applications requiring high cold-cranking amperage (CCA).
• RP 134A (T), Starter/Alternator Rebuild Performance Standard Guidelines. This RP offers performance guidelines for rebuilding starters and alternators.
• RP 209E (T), Tire and Rim Safety Procedures. This RP offers safety procedure guidelines when servicing and maintaining tires, wheels and rims.
• RP 234A (T), Valve Hardware Selection Guidelines. This RP offers guidelines for selecting valve hardware for commercial vehicles.
• RP 237A (T), Retorquing Guidelines for Disc Wheels. This RP offers guidelines regarding the need to retorque disc wheels following installation on a vehicle.
• RP 245 (T), Tire Assembly Balancing With Wheel Weights. This RP offers guidelines for tire/wheel assemblies using lead wheel weights.
• RP 246 (T), Consideration for Products Intended for Use Inside Tires. This RP offers guidelines regarding consideration of products intended for use inside of the tire/wheel assembly.
• RP 418A (T), Heavy-Duty In-Cab R-134A Air Conditioning Systems. This RP offers guidelines for spec’ing cab air conditioning systems for commercial vehicles.
• RP 430A (T), Guidelines for Collision Warning Devices. This RP offers guidelines for spec’ing collision warning devices.
• RP 641A(T), Maintenance Guidelines for Hydraulically Actuated Clutches. This RP offers guidelines for maintaining hydraulically activated clutches.
• RP 661(T), Application of Outset Wide-Base Wheels on Drive, Trailer and Auxiliary Axles. This RP offers guidelines regarding use of outset wide-base wheels on drive, trailer and auxiliary axles.
• RP 710A(T), Overhead Door Selection, Installation, and Maintenance for a Dry-Van or Body. This RP offers guidelines for selection, installation and maintenance of overhead doors used on dry-van trailers or bodies.
• RP 721A(T), Practices for Safe Maneuvering of Converter Dollies. This RP offers guidelines for safe maneuvering of converter dollies.
• RP 1109A(T), Type IV Fuel Economy Test Procedure. This RP provides a test procedure for comparing the fuel consumption of two vehicles of similar capabilities, or one unit of a combination vehicle to the same unit of another combination vehicle. This procedure also provides for evaluation of the effects of certain components or systems on fuel economy.
• RP 1224(T), Driver Communications Interface. This RP offers minimum requirements for a common driver communications interface—also referred to in this document as a human-machine interface (HMI)—which should facilitate a standard look and feel among various HMI units in different makes and models of vehicles. This RP applies to all commercial vehicles equipped with onboard vehicle communications equipment that utilize an electronic driver display for wireless communications.

TMC Task Forces to Meet September 20 in Raleigh, N.C.

The following Task Forces of the Technology & Maintenance Council (TMC) will meet in open session on Monday, September 20, 2010 at the Raleigh Convention Center in Raleigh, N.C. Task Force meetings are scheduled for approximately one hour and will take place between 8 am and 4 pm. Parties wishing information on how to attend specific Task Forces should contact TMC headquarters at (703) 838-1763.

S.1 Electrical & Instruments
• RP Updates (S.1)
• Spec’ing Primary Electrical
• Cable for Vehicle Service
• Electrical System Corrosion
• Electrical Thermal Event Solutions
• Road Service Diagnostic Evaluation Process
• RP 132A Update (Charging/Testing/Handling)
• Chassis-to-Body Electrical Connector for Refuse Vehicles

S.2 Tire & Wheel
• RP Updates (S.2)
• Tire Shop and Service Truck Best Practices
• Effects of Extreme Temperatures on Wheel Torque
• Impact of Using Flammable Bead Breaker for Demounting Tires
• Tire Casing Data Marking Corrosion Impact on Tires and Wheels (S.2/S.6 joint meeting)

S.3 Engines
• RP Updates
• RP 320B Update (Accessory Belt Drive Systems)
• Premature Filter Plugging Issues
• Underhood Thermal Events
• RP 337A Update (Troubleshooting Low Power Complaints
• Standardized Transmission Clutch Engagement Requirements
• EGR Cooler Cleaning and Maintenance
• Extended Life Coolants
• Used Engine Coolants
• Cooling System Maintenance for Technicians
• Diesel Engine Temperature Control Settings (RP 316A Update)

S.4 Cab & Controls
• RP 401B Update (Cab Control Location)
• RP Updates
• RP 428 Update (Vision Devices)
• Seat Base Installation Standards
• HVAC System Performance
• Corrosion Control

S.5 Fleet Maintenance Management
• VMRS Codes Committee
• RP Updates
• Corrosion and Its Effect on Technicians
• Simplifying Electronic Tooling
• Creating Quality Processes (Exploratory Meeting)
• Electronic Standard for Repair Order
• Towing Advisory
• Counterfeit Parts
• Access to Repair Information

S.6 Chassis & Brake Systems
• Air Disc Brakes
• ECBS/ABS Diagnostics
• Corrosion Control Maintenance
• Demand of Trailer Air Requirements at the Gladhand
• RP Updates
• Corrosion Control Maintenance
• Wheel End RP Update

S.7 Trailers, Bodies & Material Handling
• Ergonomic Design Parameters for Converter Dollies
• Trailer Corrosion Control
• Dock Equipment/Trailer Interface
• Proper Forklift Spec’ing
• Maintaining Insulation Value in Refrigerated Trailers
• RP Updates
• RP 703B Update (Gladhand/Connector Placement)
• Minimizing Irregular Wear of Wide-Base Trailer Tires
• Van Moisture Contamination (RP 734 Update)
• Application and Use of Adhesive Fasteners
• RP 708A Update (Trailer Axle Alignment)
• Splash and Spray Suppression

S.11 Energy Conservation
• ‘07 & ’10 Integration into Types II, III & IV Tests
• Energy Focused Driver Training
• Fleet Duty Cycle Modeling
• Current Fleet Fuel Economy Methodology
• Grant Opportunity Report (Exploratory Meeting)
• Sustainability Template for Fleet Maintenance Shops
• Energy Consumption Improvement via Aerodynamic Devices
• Quantifying the Value of Intangible Green Technology

S.12 On-Board Vehicle Electronics
• RP 1208 Update (PC-Service Tools)
• ITS Activities
• RP 1210B Update (Windows API)
• RP 1210 Compliance
• Onboard Electronics Corrosion
• RF Tractor to Trailer Interface
• RP 1202B Update
• Heavy Vehicle Event Data Recorder
• OBD Accessory Connector Standardization
• Electronic Onboard Recorders (EOBR)

S.14 Light- and Medium-Duty Trucks
• Entry/Egress Recommendations For Vehicles With Liftgates
• Spec’ing Guidelines for Mounting Fixed Second Unit Bodies
• Standard Body-to-Chassis Connector
• Spec’ing Guidelines for Bodies on Van-Based Chassis
• Vehicle Lighting for Fold-Under Liftgate Applications
• Vehicle Lighting for Exposed Liftgate Applications Hydraulic Brake Systems Corrosion Control
• Understanding ATF Diversity

S.15 Specialty Vehicles—
• Auxiliary Axle Spec’ing and Maintenance Guidelines
• Front Suspension Spec’ing Guidelines for Vocational Vehicles
• Hybrid Powertrains
• Refuse Body In-Cab Control Placement Standardization
• Corrosion and Its Impact on Vocational Vehicles
• Commercial Electric Vehicle Standardization
• Hydraulic System Failure Analysis

Service-Dealer Committee
• Quality Control
• Warranty Handling
• Customer Satisfaction
• Recommended Standard Repair Times
• Repair Order Approval and Authorization
• Rapid Repair Assessment
• Customer Notification
• Optimizing Productivity of Service Provider Technicians

Future Truck Committee
• Future Electrical/Electronic Systems
• Future Trailer Productivity
• Future LMVs: Propulsion Systems
• Future Tire Reliability/Durability
• Future Cab
• Condition-Based Maintenance