An Invitation

Dear Trucking Industry Professional:

As TMC Executive Director, I invite you to attend the Technology & Maintenance Council’s 2010 Fall Meeting, set for this September 20 to 23 at the Raleigh Convention Center in Raleigh, NC. The theme for the meeting is “Quality Control in Maintenance Operations,” and this will be carried out through technical sessions covering management, training, product selection, regulations and the environment.

Study Group sessions will be conducted on a wide range of topics and issues, dealing with, among other things: EPA SmartWay, CSA 2010, EGR maintenance, the new federal brake stopping distances, multimodal wireless connectivity standardization, specialty vehicles and automatic transmission fluids

Included as a regular part of the annual meeting is the Fleet Operator’s Forum, Fleet Talk and Shop Talk — sessions that provide the opportunity for maintenance and equipment professionals to seek redress to equipment problems and exchange information related to equipment problems.

Additional educational opportunities for meeting attendees will be available at the hands-on Technician Training Fair, held in conjunction with TMCSuperTech2010 — TMC’s National Technician Skills Competition.

Now in its sixth year, contestants come from all segments of the trucking industry come to take part in TMCSuperTech — North America’s premier skills competition for professional commercial vehicle technicians. Many are state, regional or corporate champions.

Organized by TMC’s Professional Technician Development Committee (PTDC), TMCSuperTech2010 is specifically designed to showcase the high degree of skill and knowledge shown everyday by trucking industry technicians. The most accomplished contestants earn industry recognition and valuable prizes.

More information about the 2010 Fall Meeting and TMCSuperTech2010 can be found within this issue, on TMC’s website at or by phoning (703) 838-1763.

Let me assure you that your time and participation at both events is well worth the investment. There will be plentiful opportunities for education and training, for learning abut the latest products, services and developments in your industry, and for networking with your fellow professionals, as well as with industry suppliers and manufacturers.

Carl Kirk
TMC Executive Director