How to get a local company that manufacturers additives introduced to a larger market.

Q: A small, local company that makes a family of oil and transmission additives has 15+ yrs. of anecdotal evidence of emissions reduction, and performance improvements.  

My personal experience is, every time I have given this product to folks to try -- mostly engineers and fellow motorheads -- their response to the results have been "That's not possible!"  Every time, the additives have dropped  engine temperature by 12-23 degrees; increased the engine compression, and improved the overall performance.

The company's objective data, however, though impressive, is, over seven years old.

What affordable industry or government resources are available to this small company that would allow them to prove how valuable their products are?    

Because these products that actually do what they claim to do, I'd love to see a local company benefit the industry.

A: It is correct that third party testing is quite expensive. We frequently incur expense of $20K -$30K for independent testing a single product.

Another option may be for the manufacturer to work with a local university to benchmark and test their products. If there is a university in their area that specializes in chemical engineering the better. This may be a good project in nature as it is environmental emission and fossil fuel related.