Are there any benefits to using fuel additives?

Q: I have been researching some fuel additives and I am wondering if you have heard of Mantek Road Runner Fuel Treatment? This is suppose to improve Cetane up 15 percent, reduce emissions, clean injectors and pumps, improve mileage and average of 5 percent. The mix is 1: 1,000 gallons.

In my research I have seen numerous products all claiming similar values. As we all know, there have been a lot a snake oil companies in our industry and I don't have the time or budget to make rash moves. Can you help?


A: When it comes to additives these only work with a small controlled fleet as it is difficult to manage operators installing the product at fuel-up times. Installing additives at maintenance intervals will assist in running a cleaner more efficient engine.

Fuel savings come from a cleaner more efficient engine, which also extends the life of engine components and lubricates fuel system components which allows them to operate at their most efficiency.

Some do raise cetane levels which will deliver better fuel much is very difficult to calculate. I always run the top brands such as Howes or Kleen-Flo. You just want to be sure a kerosene-type product is not being used as a Cetane booster as these will leave varnish deposits which have a very negative effect on the engine.