What kind of training is available for our mechanics, that complies with the FTA?

Q: What kind of training is available for our mechanics? The fleet is a small 10 cutaway bus fleet. Part Chev, 5500m; part Ford 6.0. Need some help to better service the fleet to comply with the Federal Transit Administration (FTA).


A: Thank you for the question. All OEM or suppliers of the components used to build the bus and the bus manufacturer themselves offer various training programs and can guide you to others. I am in Canada but, basically these organizations are looking to see trained technicians specializing in specific components of the vehicle.

I have sent one technician to as many training programs as I could and then set up in-house training for the rest of the technicians. This technician was now also an instructor. This included small salary increases with each course completed and also rewarded with a diploma created on the computer.

Very good incentive and makes them feel the company is investing in them. The company receives their return on investment with quicker job times, more efficient technicians and a little better public image. Also check out the website for the Technology and Maintenance Council. You will find training solutions there as well.

Hope this helps.