Tools for success

What are the tools for success in the tool business? I think Mark Menozi, this issue’s profiled distributor, makes some good points.

First and foremost, keep your truck stocked. I’m not sure there can be a more important tip (other than, maybe, showing up every week. Although if you show up every week without many tools on the shelves…)

“If you have it on the truck, it will sell. That’s the bottom line,” Mark said.

Now, Mark didn’t advocate buying everything you see. If your shops are primarily heavy-duty truck fleets, you may not need as many VW specialty tools as someone who has three or four Euro specialty shops a week. You probably do need more heavy-duty socket sets than the average distributor though.

So the advice there is not just to keep the shelves stocked, but, perhaps obviously for most, stocked with the products you know your customers need.

More tools for your success in this issue include:

Sales 101 offers advice for running promos (based around Presidents’ Day sales), p. 22.
Driving Sales pairs specialty tools and technician comments on what gets them to buy in the category, p. 26.
Mobile Motivations compares the truck to a cellphone store for selling tips, p. 34.

As 2010 kicks into high gear, I want Professional Distributor to continue as one of your tools for success.