In Focus: Peake R5/FCX3 Scan Tool

The R5/FCX3 from Peake Research offers technicians an affordable non-OBDII scan and reset tool for BMWs. The compact tool reads BMW factory codes and resets BMW’s unique Oilservice/Inspection reminders without software, interface cables, VIN entry or boot-up time; just connect, select and go in under 30 seconds.

Features and benefits

• Reads and resets OE BMW (factory) engine fault codes.
• Resets BMW’s Check Engine/Service Engine Soon warning lights.
• Resets BMW’s Oilservice/Inspection reminder lights.
• Reads both Pending and Historical engine fault codes.


BMW owners and technicians today are facing the urgent need to read and reset BMW’s unique factory codes and lights. This requires a non-OBDII tool. The low-cost R5/FCX3 will read and reset factory codes and reset BMW’s unique dash lights, like the Oilservice/Inspection and engine lights.

Non-OBDII is very important, especially if your end-users own or work on BMWs, because there is a significant difference between OBDII codes and the highly specific factory codes. The R5/FCX3 accesses BMW’s vast array of factory diagnostic, analysis and repair codes enjoyed by BMW dealers, where OBDII tools and Manufacturer Specific OBDII tools simply will not. BMW installed a very narrow range of OBDII codes to obey emissions laws. Beyond government “smog-test” functions, OBDII is likely to report “unknown code” or worse, a misleading code.

• Produced, programmed, and packaged in the U.S.
• 3.25” x 1.75” diameter.
• 8.7 oz. (with manual and case).
• Compatible with 1987-’07.
• R5/FCX3 connects to the round underhood plug; R5/FCX3-16 connects to the under-dash plug; R5/FCX3-U covers both.
• Reads BMW engine fault codes that trigger the Check Engine or Service Engine Soon warning lights.
• Resets the engine fault codes and Check Engine/Service Engine Soon Lights; Oilservice/Inspection reminders/countdown lights to 2005.
• Will not program or disturb existing firmware.
• Constructed from high-impact plastic, gold-plated internal connections; 16-bit CPU.

Selling points

• Affordable — priced similarly to a dealer’s diagnostic fee
• Displays all BMW engine fault codes.
• Easy to use – takes less than 30 seconds
• Includes easy to read code chart and instruction manual
• Includes storage case
• 90-day Manufacturer’s Parts & Labor Warranty
• Recommended by leading service manuals (Bentley, Mitchell, Haynes, All-Data, Chilton’s, etc.)

Special attributes

Because of the compact size of the R5/FCX3, stocking these products is extremely unobtrusive. Peake offers aggressive margins based on volume, a 90-day warranty on parts and labor, and customer service and technical support for tool-related issues.

Suggested retail pricing


Contact information

Ken Herskovitz
Director of marketing
Peake Research Corp.