Specialty tools for underhood work

“When buying specialty tools, I always balance the price of the given tool with what the tool will enable me to accomplish. How much time will the tool save me, how much easier will the tool make my work, and how often will I actually use it.”

“ROI is important, but quality ranks No. 2. If I’m going to shell out big money, for a three-times-a-year tool, it had better last longer than one year.”

“Quality is very important to me when choosing a specialty tool.”

“My specialty tools purchases tend to be the tools that the distributor brings in to show us.”

“The tool has to do the job well, saving time and money, and not break or fail when doing the job.”

“While price is important, quality is even more important, as is warranty. If the specialty tool I buy has a lifetime warranty but is three-times the price of a tool with a limited warranty or no warranty, I would probably still buy the more expensive tool.”

“One deciding factor in choosing a tool is the tool man selling said tool. It is his ability to service the tool which is one of the most important factors in tool purchases.”