In Focus: ATS EMissFire Detector


The EMissFire Detector’s patented technology can find the misfiring cylinder and locate the precise cylinder or cylinders that are misfiring in just minutes. This device uses the pressure in the exhaust to locate the misfiring cylinder. Once the misfiring cylinder is identified, the EMissFire Detector can check the mechanical condition of the engine. The advanced technology allows the technician to find problems that previously could not even be checked. This includes problems such as an intake or exhaust valve that intermittently does not seat, a weak or broken valve spring, piston compression ring seal, intake or exhaust camshaft timing, flat or worn camshaft lobes, ignition spark timing, partially restricted exhaust, or restricted intake.


Automotive Test Solutions Inc. started to look at a way in which cylinder misfire could be accurately analyzed. The pressure that is created by the dynamics of an internal combustion engine is the key to properly analyze the combustion or compression of this device. It was found that by using pressure transducers placed on the internal combustion engine that these pressure changes could provide the data that could diagnose the impossible. With the EMissFire Detector the camshaft timing can be checked through the spark plug hole in just minutes. ATS has patented these devices so no other company can provide this capability to the seller and technician.


Complete kit, ready to use with PC, includes:
• Complete EScope Limited Kit
– EScope Limited & Software
– 4 9ft BNC - Banana Plug Leads
– 4 12ft Extensions
– 1 Ground Lead
– 4 Back probes
– Advanced Use of the Oscilloscope video
– 1 Banana Plug Adapter
– 4 Alligator Clips
– 4 “T” Wire Piercers
– 1 3ft USB Cable
– 2 Extra EScope Fuses
• EMissFire Software
• -30hg Vacuum Transducer
• 300 psi Transducer
• EMissFire Amplifier
• EMissFire exhaust sensor (-20 H2O)
• EMissFire Trigger Filter
• 2 Pressure Transducer Cables
• Phono Jack to Phono Jack Cable
• Exhaust Tail Pipe Hose
• 18mm Compression Tester Adapter
• 14mm Compression Tester Adapter
• Pressure Compression Fitting
• Inductive Trigger Pickup
• Spark Tester
• 3/8” Hose Adapter
• 1/4” Hose Adapter
• Hard Plastic Travel Case with Foam Padding
• New Diagnostic Technologies Video
• Free software updates.
• Free technical support.




Bernie Thompson