How much do you spend?

The question came to me by email about a week ago from a shop owner in southern Indiana:

“I have been wondering ... just how much does the average tech spend on tools/equipment yearly? ... I would find it most useful to know if I need to play catch-up or perhaps even slow down. Over the past 25-plus years, I have acquired over $250k worth, but still find myself spending more and more each and every year. Am I nuts?”

I realized I have some very anecdotal evidence from my own discussions with shop owners, technicians and mobile distributors, which I shared.

As I thought more about it, I decided I’d really like to know more about this, and in a bit more scientific manner as to the numbers.

I’ve created an online survey that I’d like you to take, anonymously, to let us know a little bit more about how, and how much, you spend each year on tools and equipment. You can find the survey here:

Please share a few minutes of time and answer a few questions (it’s less than 10) to help enlighten us. I’ll share the results in a coming issue. That way Lou, and any others of you who are wondering the same things as he is, will know if your spending is right on, above or below average.

And have a great 2010.

Brendan Dooley