Tool Review: Arizona Transmission Machine EZ-DRIVER set

Arizona Transmission Machine introduced its EZ-DRIVER bearing installation sets. The Master set is highly adaptable, with a series of 28 interchangeable Force Distributors in two styles, to install bearings and other components onto or over a shaft. Create more than 200 different usable setups. EZ-DRIVER offers versatility for working on components from bearings to seals, gears, hubs and sleeves.


Dan and Tom Tarkus, PTEN review panelists and owners of Tarkus Complete Automotive Services in Milwaukee, were extremely positive about all the EZ-DRIVER press kit was helping them get done.

"We've been doing lots of press work and its nice to have press tools that are really press tools instead of what we make ... we make a lot of our own tools," Tom said, who has a tool-and-die background.

"It's compact and out of the way for shops with little room," Tom said. "This is all really nice how it fits on the rack.

"It's got nice drivers; and the mounting and bearing braces, [this set] is wonderful because it comes with so many sizes, even some that many shops might never use."

Another nice feature was the O-rings to keep the tube extensions together, Dan said.

"This set has proved to be very useful for us.

I like that it has all the different-sized couplers. Nice brace tools and a lot of good flat tools too.

"The tools are soft so that they don't mar the fittings you're trying to get in," Dan said.

"It's probably the best press tool kit we've seen here in 25 years in business," Tom said.

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