Big-Time Boxes: Bob Davis

Bob Davis, Service Manager
Advanced Auto Specialists
Coal City, Ill.

When Matco distributor Mark Menozi (above, left) called Bob Davis (above, right) from the annual Matco Tools Tool Expo with a deal he found on the show floor, Bob was already interested. It took a few phone calls, but Bob eventually purchased this top-tier Matco 6S series toolbox and accessories sight unseen.

Bob has been working on cars "his whole life," and professionally for close to 30 years.

Prior to buying the Matco setup, he grew tired "of constantly throwing tools on top, and on top and on top of each other" on his older toolbox. The only change he would make to the purchase is to add in more deep drawers. (You can configure your own Matco toolbox at

"I'm really happy with it," Bob said of the toolbox (his first from Matco).