Creating an innovation buzz!

We're into the third round now, and the Innovation Awards are bigger than ever.

Rudy Wolf founded PTEN on the simple principle that techs would read a magazine that gave the best information for evaluating tools and equipment. He was spot on with his “hunch.” And you have told us that having the right tools helps you increase billable hours, so we have made it our mission to be the first to market with the best tool and equipment information.

Two years ago, I decided to up the ante and create a buzz for the Innovation Awards. The Rudy award statue was established, and the Innovation Awards remain as the one award program judged solely by shops and technicians with no influence from the magazine staff or advertisers. This year is a record year for entries and starting in this issue, you get a look at the new and innovative products available in the market.

The Rudys are presented to the winners at AAPEX each year, so if you are at the show this November, please stop by our booth for the presentation. It will be on the second day of the show at 9 a.m. While you are there, you will be able to talk to the developers of the best new products introduced to the market.

Larry Greenberger
Publisher, PTEN

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