Tool Review: Redline Universal Filler Neck Connector

Now you can quickly connect to any fuel filler neck and create an air-tight seal in seconds. EVAP testing has never been easier. Simply press the Universal Filler Neck Connector from Redline on the filler neck of any manufacturers' Diagnostic Leak Detector or pressure decay equipment. Use for pressure or smoke testing EVAP, gas tanks, radiators, intakes, crank cases and more.


Mike Steptoe, a PTEN review panelist and owner of Reliable Auto Repair in Fort Atkinson, Wis., liked Redline’s Universal Filler Neck Connectors, used with his SmokePro, as a good way to increase efficiency in leak detection.

“These save a lot of time – I don’t have to take the filler necks out and smoke test the filler neck itself so you can see it properly with the cap on, and that’s not an easy task sometimes,” Mike said.

“They were easy to use — they’re foam gaskets with an adhesive backing that sticks to the neck and the adapter. Really saves a lot of time.

They also create another way to do the EVAP test too, since you don’t have to find the service port and take the core out of that to put smoke into the system.” With some GM cars particularly, he said getting to the core is difficult where they are near the firewall or under the vehicle. In those cases, it becomes much easier to do the whole test at the gas cap, “use your scanner to close the vent solenoid and purge solenoid and do your smoke test on the system,” Mike said.

“It’s fairly simple … and solves a nightmare.”