Big-Time Boxes: Freddy Pena

Freddy Peña
Bowtie South
Miami, Fla.

While shop owner Freddy Peña’s Cornwell Tools storage setup may not resemble the typical ‘Big-Time Boxes’ profile, it is a unique and interesting solution to the need for more storage.

At Peña’s specialty and fabrication shop, Bowtie South, the sheer volume of tools most techs accumulate are not as crucial as bigger equipment like lathes, welders and the like. But he did see his storage need grow slowly and was able to work out a solution with his Cornwell dealer, J.R. Lopez.

A work-top type toolbox was not ideal for Peña, but “the shop started growing and changing. … I looked at these [carts] and the more I needed, the more I bought and kept linking them together.” And as tool needs grow, he laughed that he plans to “just keep making it longer.”

Bowtie South has been open for three years, following several years with restorations and customization being Peña’s hobby; some of his pieces have already been featured in various custom magazines. Check out some of the shop’s work at

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