Survey says ...

Just as most folks are drinking green beer as I write this today, so too it is a certainty that techs are spending money on tools.

I wanted to know, and several techs have asked me to find out, a bit more about how much techs spend on tools, and on what. So we did a survey in which 91 percent of respondents have been working on cars more than 10 years, and all respondents worked at an independent garage, specialty shop or dealership.

Here is some of what we found out:

• In 2009, the majority said they spent between $2,501 and $5,000 on tools.
• In 2010, most respondents said they expected to spend the same.
• It should be no surprise that the majority of money spent in 2009, and expected to spend in 2010, was on Diagnostic tools and updates. In fact, it received 60 percent of votes, while the next closest were more than 30 points behind; in a neck-and-neck race for second were power tools and hardlines in both 2009 and 2010.
• 70 percent of respondents spent most of their money with tool trucks.

Considering that these numbers come dominantly from repair bay veterans, I think there are good indicators here for younger techs and those soon to graduate from vo-techs about the kind of spending it takes to keep up with tools and equipment.

As innovative tools continue to come out, you need to consider your tool buys carefully, and PTEN will be here to help educate on what’s next.