Big-Time Boxes: Mike Rodriguez

Mike Rodriguez, shop foreman
Trans-Colorado Concrete
Colorado Springs, Colo.

Mike Rodriguez used to have a Snap-on KRL1003 bottom box that he said “was simply overflowing with stuff. I just needed more space!” So the shop foreman of a ready-mix concrete company decided to go with Snap-on’s KRL1065 “Mr. Big” for storage of his tools. Attached to that 12’ of space are the side lockers, canopy top and top box.

Unsure if he’s got enough space, Mike said he’s been talking with his dealer about adding a power bank and new top section of drawers on one side, “but my wife said that if I buy another box she was going to leave me … I’m sure going to miss her.” I think he’s kidding.

Mike needs the space as the company has him managing three other techs to do the maintenance and repairs on a total of about 60 pieces of equipment, including 45 mixer trucks and other assorted loaders, etc. The former U.S. Army tank mechanic started working on trucks in middle school; his dad put in 40 years with Chicago Mack/Volvo.

“Our shop looks really nice and uniform,” Mike said, since all the techs also have red Snap-on Master Series toolboxes.