Tool Review: Power Probe III

The Power Probe III with built-in voltmeter includes:
• An easy-to-read backlit voltmeter for reading voltage at the tip.
• 42V ready.
• Rugged, gold-plated connectors for more secure connections.
• A standard 4mm cap ensures full compatibly with the company's Gold Series leads, as well as all other 4mm leads, plugs and jacks that you may already own.

In addition to these benefits, the Power Probe III also provides those capabilities that made the first two models so popular, such as multiple testing options when connecting the tool to the vehicle's battery.

These entail:
• Pressing the rocker switch forward to provide a hot lead for powering up electrical components like cooling fans and relays.
• Moving the switch rearward gives you an instant ground lead.
• Simultaneous use of the hot lead and ground lead to activate components right in your hand.
• Positive, negative and open circuits with the polarity tester, without having to re-polarize or reconnect hook-up clips.
• Following and locating shorts more quickly with the circuit breaker, without wasting fuses.
• Checking the continuity of switches, relays and diodes more quickly


Dustin Poeppel, a PTEN review panelist and technician at Mark’s Auto in Fort Atkinson, Wis., thought Power Probe’s Master Combo Kit was an essential tool for any toolbox. Dustin said the tool saves lots of time on testing circuits, particularly with the ability to supply voltage or ground while testing from the built-in switch. He used it to save time and energy on several fuel pumps over the course of a few weeks.

“The real nice thing is, for example, if you think you have a bad fuel pump, you can hook into the power wire at the pump and check your meter and it tells you what the voltage is right there,” Dustin said. “Plus, if you hook it to the battery, you can feed power in right there and see if the pump runs or see if you’re just missing power or missing a ground.”

Dustin said the LEDs that help brighten the work area are extremely useful, and the dual audio tones that signal positive or negative helpful as well.

Overall, Dustin was satisfied with the tool and impressed with its innovativeness and the gain in time savings on electrical work with the one tool replacing two or more.

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