Big-Time Boxes: John Poeppel


John Poeppel
Poeppel Auto Body
Fort Atkinson, Wis.

Shop owner John Poeppel didn’t get into this Snap-on setup “overnight.” He started his career small, with used toolboxes and carts that he would fix up and use, and eventually trade in for newer storage options.

Eventually, he traded up to this set, paired Master Series roll cabs, No. KRL1023, and top chests, No. KRL1203B. And while Poeppel doesn’t anticipate needing more storage, every drawer here is in use.

Poeppel works on “a bit of everything” at his shop, from motorcycles and farm equipment, to classic and luxury cars—and does both mechanical and body work. A look through the drawers shows a mix of everything, from 2” and 3” wrenches and sockets for the big agricultural jobs, and tiny wrenches for the smaller work on golf carts and vehicle interiors.

“You know, I could’ve just gone ahead and gone to school to become a doctor for what I have in these tools,” Poeppel joked about his investment in tools.