Is there a premium on information at your shop?

How important is having access to the right information at your shop—any information, whether it’s repair tips, tool knowledge, new model techniques, or?

In this year’s issues of PTEN, the new shop profiles have taken you inside different successful shops to look at what they do and how they set themselves up to be focused on the customers and repairs.

A key ingredient for most, including this month’s feature on Auto Tech & Body in Roselle, Ill., (pgs. 22-23), is information. Access to the web and online help sites is usually in the bays, or just a few steps beyond. The important thing about being efficient, these shops say, is that increased repair knowledge leads to quicker repairs. Staying on top of what’s new is key.

But you probably already know that. I’m guessing this because you’re reading PTEN right now, the best source to stay on top of what’s new in tools and equipment. Whether it’s bullet points on the latest tools or tech reviews of tools you’re considering, you know that PTEN will keep you informed.

Brendan Dooley