Big-Time Boxes: Victor Basarab

Owner: Victor Basarab
STS Tire & Auto
Dover, N.J.

Master Technician Victor Basarab has eight years of repair experience working on “everything from two-cycle equipment to heavy-duty trucks.”Some of my favorite things about my work is being able to come to work and being challenged by something different everyday. I love the satisfaction of knowing I have repaired my customer’s vehicles. I treat everyone’s vehicle like it was my own.

Basarab enjoyed the customizing process creating his Matco Tools 8535 three-bay Rollaway with 8535 three-bay Top Chest with custom hutch insert and stainless steel work surface inside and an attached

30” x 30” stainless steel side shelf work surface. He added a Matco Deluxe MSC4 HD service cart for everyday service tools and also customized it to hold all of his spray cans and lubricants.

“I traded my old Matco two-bay setup because I needed more space and I wanted the customize all my drawers to hold my tools perfectly. I wanted a hutch to hold my personal computer and also my Snap-on diagnostic computer, but didn’t want the full length hutch which is why I went with just the middle section. Every drawer and section on this box has its use. I do envision adding on in the future with a top and side lockers as I need more space, especially for those bulky plastic cases. Its pretty much full now, so thats not too far away.

“Its perfect for all my everyday needs and I never need to leave my box other then fixing the vehicles!”