In Focus: Knipex Mini Bolt Cutters

The KNIPEX Mini Bolt Cutter, No. 71 31 200, offers the strong cutting performance of a large bolt cutter in a small and ergonomic design that fits into tight places. Precision-matched, induction hardened edges cut rivets, bolts, steel rods and soft and hard wire. Extreme cutting power in a single hand tool. 

One of the most unique characteristics of this cutting pliers is a notch in the jaws. By placing the object in this notch, the user guarantees that the material will be cut by the strongest part of the cutting edge (in the back). The notch also prevents the object from moving and sliding during the cutting process.

Features and benefits

  • Precision-matched, induction hardened edges cut rivets, bolts, steel rods and soft and hard wire. Extreme cutting power in a single hand tool.
  • Notch in blade provides even more powerful cutting.
  • New lever action design means exceptional cutting performance with minimal effort.
  • 20-to-1 compound joint ratio. Delivers 20 times the applied hand force.
  • Ergonomically optimized handle shape allows a firm and comfortable grip for the hand.



The team of engineers at KNIPEX wanted to create a tool that offered a powerful cutting capability in a compact and easy-to-carry tool. 

KNIPEX is the largest manufacturer of professional quality pliers on earth and is headquartered in Wuppertal, Germany.  All operations from engineering and design to manufacturing and packaging take place in the Wuppertal factory. This allows our team to have full control over every process and to maintain the high quality standards that our company is known for.

Selling points

Jaw recess  

  • The Mini Bolt Cutter will cut thicker materials easier because the material being cut will be held in the notch, which improves leverage. This is due to the fact that the material is positioned closer to the rivet of the tool.

Lever action 

  • The Mini Bolt Cutter uses a high-leverage action design to produce a powerful cutting performance.  While larger bolt cutters require two hands to use, the Mini Bolt Cutter only requires one-handed operation because both of the cutting edges come together to offer a more powerful cut. The Mini Bolt Cutter’s cutting knives are separately induction-hardened (64 HRC) to cut the hardest materials and offer a longer tool life.

Straight or angled head designs 

  • KNIPEX Mini Bolt Cutters are offered in both straight and angled (20 degrees) designs for greater accessibility into confined spaces. 

Handle style 

  • The Mini Bolt Cutter is also available with dipped or Comfort Grip handles.  

Special attributes

  • Lifetime warranty.
  • Unique, patented product design.
  • Tools are designed with the professional user in mind.
  • Marketing support.
  • Sales aids.

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