Tool Review: Autoland Scientech VeDiS II scan tool

Autoland Scientech offers the Vedis II scan tool, the new generation all-in-one scan tool with fast diagnosis. This scan tool covers over 40 makes of vehicles, including Euro, Asian and domestic. With this tool, users can do the following on all systems: read and clear codes, data stream, activation, adaptation, calibration and service resets. Other features include key programming, throttle body calibrations, steering angle calibrations and TPMS registration.

The review

Tom Karagianis, Tarkus Complete Automotive Service shop owner in Milwaukee, Wis., tested out the Autoland Scientech VeDiS II scan tool.

He found the scan tool was easy to use, and provided extensive coverage. In particular, the VeDiS II offered more ABS coverage than previous versions and other scan tools.

“None of my other scanners would work on ABS on a ’97 Lexus to find out which anti-lock brake sensor was out,” says Tom.

He mentioned other vehicles he’s used it on as well, including Asian ABS, Japanese models and other imports. “We’ve been using it on the Volvos. It seems like the newer one is easier to work, compared to the older VeDis.”

Also comparing the latest VeDiS to his previous version, Tom says the VeDiS II offers more coverage. “It comes with more connectors than the earlier one, so it’s more versatile than the older one.”

He also liked the larger screen, compared to older versions.

“(The screen is) easier to read for us old guys,” he says. “Easier to read, and it does have a bigger screen.”

Tom suggested two features to improve the current tool: battery back-up and a printer.

“If you bump the OBD II when you’re (testing), (the tool) loses its memory. You have to reenter everything.”

As for a printer, Tom thought it’d be helpful if a car has multiple codes, to have the option of printing the details instead of writing the information down.

Overall, Tom really enjoyed using the tool. “I can say it is fast, and it has good coverage.”

He suggested the VeDiS II for independent shops that are looking for a “good tool to start with,” that would be working on a variety of cars.