Big-Time Boxes: Park Place Mercedes-Benz

Park Place Mercedes-Benz in Dallas, TX is part of a group of luxury car dealerships that also includes Rolls-Royce, Bugatti and McLaren.

In 2003, the Mercedes-Benz dealership service department was outfitted with new workstations made by Shure Manufacturing Corp. Shure has been in business since the 1940s, and their offices and manufacturing plant are in Washington, MO. While the company supplies custom-designed workstations to many different industries, they are probably best known as an OEM-approved equipment supplier to dealerships. In addition to their Shuretech line of ready-made toolboxes, carts and shop equipment, the company specializes in custom-engineered, fully-integrated workstations that include tool storage, a workbench, a computer station and stations for other electronic equipment.

The workstation shown here serves two service bays and features Shure Model TS6860 portable toolboxes with a stainless steel top cap and heavy duty casters. The boxes are fitted with a concealment skirt that hides the casters. All 16 full-extension drawers ride on ball-bearing sliders and are rated for 400 lbs. each, even the full-length top drawer.

There are locks for each set of drawers, and they can be keyed alike or separately, allowing two people to share the box. Drawer liners are included but the dividers and partitions are optional and can be configured by the user. The basic chassis for these boxes is not built with bolts or rivets, it is welded together at each corner, creating a durable and extremely rigid structure.

Park Place contracted equipment distributor Tim Mitchell in the Dallas area for sales and installation of the new workstations. The dealership had very specific design criteria for their 104-bay shop, and while Shure offers 22 different powdercoat colors, none matched what Park Place had in mind. The company was able to comply though, and according to Peter Richardson, president of sales and marketing for Shure, the new color is officially called “Park Place Gray.” 

When your product line includes million-dollar automobiles, custom workstations seem like a good idea.