Big-Time Boxes: Charles "Chucky" Ferguson

Charles “Chucky” Ferguson is head technician at Virginia Auto Service in Phoenix, AZ. With the company since 1996, he holds ASE Master Technician and L1 certifications and specializes in European import cars. Virginia Auto Service is a Bosch Service Center and has won awards for excellence from trade publications and the local business community.

Almost two years ago, Chucky took delivery of a new Snap-on 84" EPIQ roll cab (No. KERP843B4PKS) with a PowerTop and PowerBank. On top is a WorkStation Riser (No. KEWN840A0PKS) with the interior light kit (No. KEWLED5). Chucky added two 30" side lockers, bringing the system’s total length to 12'. Total storage capacity is 66,020 cubic inches, not including the WorkStation. Finished in Arctic Silver, Chucky complemented the system with a matching tool cart.

The PowerBank is a drawer-like section with docking stations for rechargeable power tools and a power strip with a circuit breaker for plugging in the chargers. The PowerTop is a stainless steel work top with built-in electrical outlets, four on top and two more out back. A single hard-wired cord supplies power for these features, and since the whole cabinet is wired, the toolbox has been certified to meet Underwriters Laboratory (UL) safety standards.

The EPIQ series has been noted for a flush front with recessed drawer pulls, which reduces the chance of something catching the front of the box.

Chucky says he likes the PowerBank and other power outlets built into the box, and especially the light kit that turns on automatically when opening the WorkStation door.

Chucky’s favorite tools are his F-handle wrenches, a vacuum cooling system filler, and the laptop he uses to access the Internet and his computer-based scanners. His favorite tool of all is BIG BERTHA, his 3/4" impact gun.

Chucky bought his tool storage system from Eric Gano, a Snap-on dealer in the Phoenix area. Chucky says “He is the best tool guy I have had to date…I told him I wanted a new box and did not want to hold back. Well, this is what we came up with and it still has the potential to get bigger. I probably will add another center box and hutch.” This means Chucky thinks 66,000 cubic inches is not enough, so we’ll be sure to ask him for more pictures later.