An opportunity to further the fleet maintenance industry

All of us at Fleet Maintenance are big believers in advancing the maintenance profession. With each issue, we strive to provide the best practices, information and advice for keeping vehicles on the road with minimal loss of operating time.

We firmly believe that Fleet Maintenance has a responsibility to help ensure the viability and success of our industry. We work diligently to make a positive influence and help others accomplish more.

Fleet Maintenance is committed to that.


New Initiative

In yet another effort to help evolve the fleet maintenance industry, Fleet Maintenance has partnered with the University of Kansas’s KU Continuing Education program to create the annual Fleet Maintenance/Kansas University Scholarship Program. It is specifically for the Maintenance Management Online Certificate Course from KU Continuing Education

This course is intended to help those enrolled evaluate their maintenance operation; plan, coordinate and schedule maintenance; and properly use preventive and predictive maintenance in their operation. It is designed for all types of maintenance environments and all types of mobile fleets.

With it being an online course, there is flexible study time and work pace, plus no travel and related expenses.


The School

KU Continuing Education delivers high-quality programs that provide development and training for working professionals to every corner of the globe. Courses are designed by the University of Kansas faculty and industry experts for excellence, convenience and flexibility to advance personal and professional academic goals.

The instructor for the Maintenance Management Online Certificate Course is Joel Levitt, a leading trainer of maintenance professionals, and author of a column on management matters that appears regularly in Fleet Maintenance.


The Course

Among the subject matter covered in the course is:

- When to outsource.

- How and when to in-source.

- Planning and scheduling maintenance jobs to improve productivity.

- How to make preventive maintenance work for you.

- Ideas to manage the stockroom.

- How to improve uptime.

- How to insure the PM tasks are done as designed, and how to design them.

- Choosing and using contractors as a competitive advantage.

- Maximizing benefits from your CMMS (Computerized Maintenance Management System).

- Ways to reengineer maintenance that enhance quality, safety, environmental security and uptime.

- How to use financial modeling of maintenance alternatives.

- Basics of RCM (Reliability-Centered Maintenance).

- How to use high technology inspections to make an impact.

Upon successful completion of the Maintenance Management Online Certificate Course, participants are awarded a certificate awarded by the University of Kansas, documenting their specialized education and knowledge in maintenance management.

Complete details about course can be found on the KU Continuing Education’s website at:


Program Purpose

Our objective with the Fleet Maintenance/Kansas University Scholarship is to have an annual program that advances the cause of maintenance management - a critical component in fleet operations.

An efficiently operating maintenance department keeps vehicles on the road with minimal loss of operating time. Holding maintenance expenses in check enhances the profitability of any fleet. 

Traditionally, the maintenance manager has advanced from technician to manager. Training is often not in the forefront for the vital maintenance department.

The plan is to start the Fleet Maintenance/Kansas University Scholarship Program later this year with the awarding of 10 scholarships. Each scholarship will pay for an entire Maintenance Management Online Certificate Course.

In addition, CDX, an automotive training materials company, will donate technician training software for use in the maintenance departments of the 10 selected scholarship recipients.

The scholarship recipients will be announced at the Technology and Maintenance Council’s 2012 Annual Meeting & Transportation Technology Exhibition, being held February 21 to 24 in Tampa, FL.


Participants Sought

Getting involved with the Fleet Maintenance/Kansas University Scholarship Program is an opportunity for you to give back to the fleet maintenance industry and help assure its continued development. We are looking for sponsors, as well as deserving scholarship candidates.

To qualify for the scholarship, a person must have, at a minimum: two years of work experience in fleet maintenance and aspire to a career in fleet maintenance management.

Nominations for the Fleet Maintenance/Kansas University Scholarship Program may come from anyone, including the scholarship candidate.

To learn more about the scholarship program, contact Fleet Maintenance’s Joel Franke at (920) 563-1775 or email FMU Scholarship Program.

To apply for the scholarship program, click here.

I hope you will consider taking advantage of this opportunity to help others develop their competencies and careers.

I leave you with this thought, attributed to Winston Churchill: “You make a living by what you get. You make a life by what you give.”




WorkSafe USA and Michelin Tires are proud sponsors of the Fleet Maintenance/Kansas University Scholarship program.