Vehicle Washing

A guide to pressure washers and vehicle washing systems

Automated washes come in a few forms. There are in-bays or rollovers, and they can be either a touchless - all high-pressure water and chemical, soft touch - foam fingers that touch the surface or a hybrid - which utilizes soft touch and touchless on one machine. Rollovers and in-bays move over the vehicle while the vehicle is parked.

Drive-thrus that can be soft touch or touchless. The attendant drives the vehicle through a series of arches and out the other side.

For real-high volume locations, like car auctions, there is the conveyor system which is the same concept as a drive-thru but a chain pushes or pulls the cars through the bay.

“Knowledge is power when it comes to making the right fleet washing decisions,” concludes Tyndale. “Define your goals and objectives, articulate and analyze your options, do your research and utilize all this information to make wise purchasing decisions.

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