Tool Review: ACDelco Heavy Duty 6V Inspection Camera, No. ARZ604

The ACDelco 6V Alkaline-Battery Digital Inspection Camera, No. ARZ604, allows users to check tight spots where lighting and visual contact is limited. The ARZ604 provides advanced digital imaging technology with a 3" high-resolution color LCD display. A camera head diameter of 8mm (0.32') provides a crystal clear picture of tough-to-reach places. Other features include a two-setting view flip, 2.5x 11-setting adjustable image digital zoom and five-setting LED brightness control. A waterproof flexible cable protects the camera head to explore in any jobsite environment.

The Review

Lou Fort, Lead Technician at K.A.R.S. Inc. in Huntingburg, IN, tested out ACDelco's ARZ604 Inspection Camera. 

“Using the ACDelco ARZ604 is as easy as turning on a flashlight,” says Lou. “Getting used to manipulating the camera can take a bit ... not unlike working with a mirror.”

Lou mentioned he would like to have had this camera a couple years ago, when he first bought a new inspection scope. 

“At it’s current price I couldn’t find better for less,” says Lou.

Lou commented on some of the highlights of using this inspection camera: the simple zooming feature, the 3” color display and the ability to change the amount of light emitted from the unit. “With a push of well-placed buttons, (these functions are) handier than I thought (they) would be.”

He also mentioned one handy feature in particular for finding product numbers on different parts of a vehicle during repairs: “There is a button to flip the image 180 (degrees), so if you're trying to read a tag to casting number you won’t have to worry about it being upside down.”

As personal preference, Lou says he prefers an inspection camera with a rechargeable battery. He completed his own test with removable, rechargeable batteries to see how the unit might fair.

“In case you are wondering how well (the ARZ604) performs on rechargeable batteries, I can tell you it does very well,” says Lou. “I turned the unit on with full illumination and let it sit. Ten hours later the lamp started flashing and it turned off. This is about the same amount of time they say the ARZ1204 (ACDelco’s 12V version inspection camera, with rechargeable battery) is supposed to run between charges.”