Big-Time Boxes: Preston Bowers

In 2004, Preston Bowers faced a dilemma. His Snap-on KRL1000 tool box was “packed full.” He knew he would need more tool storage but he didn’t want to add a top box “because I like my work space on top.”

His Snap-on distributor offered the perfect solution; Mr. Big. At 12’ in length and 29” deep, the stainless-steel counter top is big enough to rebuild a transmission and still have enough clean space to do the paperwork.

The KRL7065 is the first generation in the Mr. Big series. It weighs one ton, rides on eight casters, and inside it offers 79,000 cubic inches of storage space. The KRL7245 overhead cabinet adds another 27,000 cubic inches, bringing the total height to 84”.

Preston says his favorite feature about his tool storage system is the idea that he’ll never have to buy another box. With 30 drawers in 13 different sizes, including one whole bank of double-wide drawers, that’s a pretty good bet.

Manager of a Monroe Muffler shop in Hanover, Pa., Preston says his favorite tools “have to be my air tool collection. I can do about any job that shows up.”

Preston bought his tool storage system from Snap-on distributor Kevin Brown, who took the old box in trade, “put in a good word for me (at Snap-on) and gave me a (great) deal.” Kevin retired last year, and Preston says “all the guys in the area will miss him.”