In Focus: Thexton Infinite Adjustment Throttle Depressor

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Due to a change from mechanical to electronic parts in automotive vehicles since 2005, the drive-by-wire system has been installed in virtually all vehicles. Thexton offers the Infinite Adjustment Throttle Depressor, No. 592, utilizes a telescoping feature to adjust the tool up to 3’ in length.

Features and benefits

Once the Infinite Adjustment Throttle Depressor has been adjusted to fit the steering wheel and the pedal, the user can rotate the knob located at the top of the tool to make the most finite adjustments to get engine RPM levels at the desired setting. This tool works well for adjusting the RPM level for tune-ups, cylinder balance tests and A/C work.


This idea stemmed from an existing product, Thexton No. 393 Throttle Depressor. 

It was important to introduce this idea because of Drive-By-Wire systems which are used  in most new cars, and are much more sensitive than older cars which used a mechanical system rather than electric to control the throttle and RPM level.

This product will help the distributor because it is a tool that can be used by any professional mechanic or a do-it-yourselfer and is something every mechanic will at some point in time need this to get a job done. The end user will finally be able to make the smallest adjustments to get the RPM level of the customers’ vehicle precisely where it needs to be for accurate testing.


All of the parts of the Infinite Adjustment Throttle Depressor are made in the U.S.A. and assembled in Minnesota.  Most of the 592 is made of steel or glass-filled nylon.

Selling points

New technologies have been utilized into all new cars using electronic throttle systems.  This has made them much more sensitive when adjusting the RPMs.  With the 592, that is no longer a problem.

Storage and display

For distributors, the package box contains a drawing of the product and features to help inform the customer about the product.  There is also a hanging tab which allows the product to be displayed almost anywhere.

The fine threaded rod (3/8”-24) makes adjusting the tool in incredibly small increments simple.

Suggested retail price


For more information

Peter Swenson

V.P. of Sales and Marketing

(800) 328-6277