Emergency Roadside Assistance

Even with the best maintained equipment, breakdowns and the need for roadside assistance will inevitably occur. Because driver and vehicle downtime is expensive, drivers and vehicles need to get back on the road quickly and cost effectively, with...

“Make sure you understand what they’re going to charge you and there won’t be any hidden fees that will cause you concern later on.”


“Emergency roadside assistance is about managing the event or situation to the customer’s unique specifications,” says Holt of FleetNet. That is about giving the customer the data and information to make effective management decisions about their fleet and equipment, and that encompasses a number of elements, including:

  • Flexibility in offering a full line of solutions allowing customers the ability to customize a program to fit their specific needs.
  • Transparency in managing the events and allowing customers’ management to see “where the money is going” through such technologies as interactive secured web environments, interfaces with customer maintenance software and in-house business software, etc.
  • Constant communication to keep customers informed on what is happening at each stage of the event through text messaging, web access, e-mail alerts, etc.
  • Accessibility to pertinent information which can be analyzed by customers to gain insight into ways to prevent future breakdowns.

“The cost ratio of breakdown maintenance to preventive maintenance is 4:1, Holt points out. “Therefore, proactively managing your maintenance will save you money in the long run.”

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