More industry regulations

We are in an era of major reductions in truck-related highway deaths. These fatalities have dropped more than 25 percent in just a two-year period. Nevertheless, we will soon see a series of sweeping new truck industry safety and operating regulations...

Under Assault

If it seems that the trucking industry is under assault by the various parts of our government, I believe it actually is. Most of this is driven by special interests of one form or another.

Clamping down on the part of the transportation industry that provides freight service to 100 percent of the cities in our country and is the only form of freight transportation to 80 percent of all cities could be viewed as an anti-monopoly type of exercise. It is more than likely that industries providing other forms of transportation have a strong lobby working on these issues.

My point in all of this is: Our form of government is such that we need strong representation in place to counter those who would seek to weaken the truck transportation segment. If you are an independent driver, there is a fairly strong association of owner operators that you should support. Fleets have one of the strongest D.C. lobbies on their side, as well as segment associations.

There are several industry associations representing suppliers (my own included), truck and engine manufacturers, maintenance professionals and others that support strong-working offices in Washington.

Get involved if you are a member. Join one if you are not.

This is the only way to defend against other special interests when they are assaulting your industry.

Tim Kraus is the president and chief operating officer of the Heavy Duty Manufacturers Association (HDMA). Prior to joining HDMA, Kraus served in various executive positions with heavy duty industry parts manufacturers. HDMA exclusively serves as the industry voice of the commercial vehicle product manufacturers. It is a market segment affiliate of the Motor & Equipment Manufacturers Association (MEMA).

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