Big-Time Boxes: Mike Kolesar

Mike Kolesar has worked for 19 years as a tech at Carman Ford in New Castle, DE. His Matco Tools distributor, Troy Roark, reports that Mike has had just about every toolbox on the market, but two years ago Mike bought what he calls “the best box he’s ever had.”

Based on the Matco 6s-series triple-bay box (No. 6331RX), the base is actually two rollaway toolboxes bolted together end-to-end. Both boxes have the optional stainless-steel work top, but the left box also sports the matching hutch (No. 6331HU) and side locker (No. 6031SL). Each rollaway is 86.5” long, and the side locker is 31” wide. That makes the whole system 204”, or exactly 17' long, about 7" longer than the Ford Explorer in Mike’s bay the day we took the photos. Total storage space adds up to 134,738 cubic inches, but that doesn’t include the hutch.

Because it has a lockable door and lights and electrical outlets, Mike put the computer and printer on top and uses the inside of the hutch as a secure desktop.

When he spec’d-out the system, some of the trim pieces were custom-made to give the two bottom boxes an all-in-one appearance. At the time, only the lights and outlets were standard features; the doors on the locker and hutch were optional. However Troy told us they are all standard features now. Troy said Mike really likes the color, and we noted that in a big, busy dealership service department filled with toolboxes of every kind, Mike’s is the only one in Matco Stealth Black. This not only looks great, but it’s easy to keep it looking that way.