What can be done to fight rising fleet operating expenses?

With the rising cost of fuel pushing past $4 a gallon, tire costs increasing and labor and insurance expenses rising, fleets are looking at every way possible to save money for their operations. At the same time, the new CSA (Compliance, Safety...

Here are some other questions to ask when choosing a TPMS solution for your fleet:

Does the TPMS product come from an experienced company with a proven track record?

Is the system U.S. made?

What is the expected life of the product?

Does the product provide low, high and temperature alerts?

Does the product display current tire pressures?

Does the product require professional installation or special tools?

Is the product easily programmable and simple to use?

Does the product have a history of reliability, durability and accuracy?

How much maintenance does the product require?

Does the system read 24/7 or only after the vehicle is moving?

What are the specs of the product and its pressure reading capabilities?

Does the product have data logging capability?

Is the system compatible with different vehicle communication protocols?

Can the system be integrated with telematics products and office-based management systems?

Will the product work in drop-and-hook operations?

The upshot: TPMS can be pivotal to your bottom line profits, so take time to ask questions and find a reliable firm with a dependable product that best fits your operations.

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