Big-Time Boxes: Frank Edwards

Frank Edwards is an ASE-certified technician who works at Firestone of Clementon, N.J.

When he started there 11 years ago, he bought a new toolbox from tool distributor Marc Seidman. Not long ago, Frank recognized he had outgrown that box and began shopping for a new one. After careful research, Frank bought a new Cornwell tool storage system, once again from Marc, who had recently moved to Cornwell.

Frank says he likes the features and combinations available from Cornwell, and Marc took the time to consult the catalogs, ask questions and help Frank with the design.

The main box is a Custom 84” Cabinet (CTB84BBL) that measures 84" by 30" by 47" and weighs 1,347 lbs. It comes standard with a stainless steel work top, a feature that Frank finds particularly attractive.

The 84” Canopy (CTB84CBL), which some people call a “hutch,” features a power strip and two florescent lights that can double as drop lights. Frank is tall, so he particularly likes the way the door opens in two sections that lift up and fold back completely out of the way.

The locker (CTB6784LBL) is designed to match the height of the canopy, making the whole system almost 63” tall. The four drawers can be moved to almost any position, and the door can be mounted on either side of the box. Two power cord openings in the back allow secure storage of rechargeable equipment. That’s where Frank keeps his favorite tool, a cordless electric impact gun.

Frank’s wife chose the color, and he chose the custom black trim. While doing his research, Frank says he was particularly attracted to the quality, the way things work so smoothly, and to the combination of features.

“I got the best bang for the buck,” says Frank, and it’s easy to see how much he likes his new tool storage system. Since taking delivery in January, he says he still waxes it once a week.