The Repair Order

Next in importance is a meter reading. The meter can be mileage or hours of service, or whatever unit of measurement tells you how much that piece of equipment has been used. The meter reading is essential because it is the primary usage measurement...

Upon analyzing that maintenance information you might realize that every three weeks a specific unit has a certain reoccurring transmission problem. That could reveal a problem vehicle, a problem driver or perhaps there is an issue with the way transmissions are serviced. Or, it might show that the wrong transmission was spec’d in the first place.


There is virtually no end to ways in which properly analyzed fleet data can help to reveal problems you might not otherwise see, and help trim operating costs you didn’t know you had.

A good maintenance management software application can help increase technician productivity, maximize shop efficiencies, reduce parts inventory, show best and worse performing components and more. It can even help you decide which manufacturer’s nameplate you should spec on you next equipment buy.

And it all begins with, and is controlled by, the repair order.

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