Tool Review: Solv-Tec K-Seal sealant

Solv-Tec's K-Seal selant makes permanent repairs to cooling systems on all types of vehicles. The unique ceramic/copper formula mixes with all types of antifreeze; just shake the bottle and add the contents to the engine coolant in any gas or diesel engine. K-Seal will stop most leaks in the block, head, radiator, heater matrix, freeze plugs and the head gasket. One 8 oz. bottle treats cooling systems up to 20 quarts.

The review

Technician Tom Karagianis of Tarkus Complete Automotive Service in Milwaukee, Wis. tested the Solv-Tec K-Seal sealant, and liked the results.

Tom says they used the formula to complete small leak repairs in some vehicles he was working on.

“It cures small leaks,” says Tom. Users should use more K-Seal to seal a larger leak.

“We did have a small head gasket leak in an Oldsmobile, and it cured it,” he says. “A small leak in the radiator, and it cured it.”

Tom says the product was very easy to use, and offers just one suggestion: Shake well.

“If you don't shake it a lot, don't pour it, because it'll lump up.”

Overall, Tom found K-Seal to be a useful addition to his line of products and said he would stock K-Seal for everyday use in his shop.

“If you have more, I'll take it,” he says. “That's how much I like it.”