Settled science or mere theories?

Our industry is facing multiple and significant challenges in the coming decade. Ten years from now there will be another set of significant challenges that will have replaced those, as the current ones did with their preceding set of game-changing...

It doesn’t do any good to just get mad over some of this. We need to use cost-benefit analysis on any and all regulation, particularly as it relates to energy. A government forcing the use of technology that is not, nor ever will be, cost effective is not energy independence. Although in an increasingly global economy, one has to wonder if that is really relevant anymore.

Taxing or regulating against a core element of the global economy makes very little sense, especially when you think back a couple of years when oil prices nearly caused its collapse.

True Reason

My message is very simple. We need to all begin to apply much more critical thought to these “mantra-like” themes that emerge with elected officials and in the media.

Challenge the messenger (usually the media) on why this issue is being presented as fact, when in reality it is usually a pet theory of a special interest group or groups.

Corner your elected officials when it appears that they are going along with some special-interest-group driven theory, possibly in the interest of election funding support, more than the greater good.

Keep in mind that I run a special interest group. This was not an easy column for me to write.

Tim Kraus is Executive Director of the Heavy Duty Manufacturers Association. Prior to joining HDMA, he served as director of sales and marketing at Triseal Corp. The Heavy Duty Manufacturers Association (HDMA) is the heavy duty market segment association of the Motor & Equipment Manufacturers Associations (MEMA). HDMA exclusively represents the interests and serves heavy duty product manufacturers.

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