Facility energy management

There comes the time when it makes sense to modernize a maintenance facility and make improvements in safety, productivity and the environment. Shop equipment wears out, the equipment needs to change and new, improved equipment is constantly coming to...

Maintaining green fleets: Longevity and functionality of emissions control technologies post installation is directly related to proper engine maintenance, says Seivright. Operations and maintenance personnel need to be trained so they are prepared for their role in maintaining after-treatment systems. “U.S. EPA SmartWay-Approved idle reduction technologies will be a mainstay of green fleets going forward,” she says.

Working with alternative fuel fleets: In addition to tracking performance and benefits of extended life treatments and green additives such as oil, ethanol and biodiesel, green shops will be called upon to help fleets navigate federal, state and local funding opportunities that promote the purchase of alternative fuel vehicles, Seivright says.

“Gearing up for this demand takes a new expertise in grant writing, as well as knowledge on compliance procedures and air district regulations related to new vehicle purchases, retrofits and repowers. While facilitating workshops and local air quality board collaborations takes time, resources and investment, we (Valley Power Systems) find the commitment aligns our business with the needs of fleet customers that are going green.”

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