In Focus: Maxxeon WorkStar Pocket Floodlight

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The Maxxeon WorkStar Pocket Floodlight, No. MXN0220, offers the illumination of a worklight or drop light, but without the inconvenience of being tethered by a cord to an 115V power source.  An LED brightly illuminates the work area with a flood of brilliant white light that makes it easy to see problem areas.

      This lighting tool is designed with a wide angle beam that provides a wide field of view when working up close. The beam is free of “hot” and “dark” spots, making it easy to clearly see what is being inspected. The compact, 6" long tool weighs only 2 oz, and clips easily and comfortably into any pocket.


      The inventor’s original idea was to design a cordless worklight that is small enough to carry in a shirt pocket. This product idea has become a reality as a result of recent advancements in LED and battery technology.

      Technicians benefit by having a light source with the brightness of an incandescent work light, but with the advantages of the cordless design and the compact, light weight and compact size of the product. 

      Retailers and distributors can now offer this product through a convenient POP display. This product is clamshell packaged, with 10 units per POP display.

          Specs and selling points

          • The product was conceived, designed and tested in the U.S. and is made in Hong Kong.
          • Llight output in excess of 120 lumens.
          • Anodized black and virtually indestructible t6 aluminum body.
          • Water-resistant because all threaded joints have rubber O-ring seals.
          • Tailcap switch rated at 100,000 cycles and sealed to avoid contamination by dirt and grit.
          • Worklight that can be carried in a shirt pocket.

          Suggested retail price


          For more information

          John Schira, Maxxeon Inc.